Scientific name:(LINNE)
English name:Bluefin Tuna

It is caught in the waters off Japan. It tastes flavor and its color is deep red.
The taste is delicious, it has a somewhat sour taste.
It is large and has a body length of 3 m and weight of over 400 kg.
Fishing grounds:Japan Sea In Shimane prefecture off the coast, fishing in the vicinity of Aomori Prefecture Oma in the winter is thriving. In the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of New York, Ireland, Boston and the Mediterranean.

Scientific name:Thunnus Haccoyii(CASTELNAU)
English name:Southern Bluefin Tuna

A lot of high quality can be taken of good quality “Toro”. The taste is rich, the color of his body is deep red.
The taste is delicious.
Most of natural products are frozen instantly on board and sent to Japan keeping high freshness.
A large individual grows to a length of 2 m and a weight of 200 kg.
Fishing grounds:Off the coast of Africa Cape Town, off the coast of Sydney, Australia, off the coast of New Zealand

Scientific name:Thunnus Obesus(LOWE)
English name:Bigeye Tuna

Tuna with the most consumption in Japan. The taste is elegant with a fancy taste, and the color of the body is a bright red.
It is often used for sushi and sashimi. There are also greasy ones, but there are many things mainly based on lean.
It grows to a body length of 2 m and weight of 150 kg or more. We call Chubachi(Japanese) as less than 40 kg as Daruma(Japanese) and less than 20 kg.
Fishing grounds:Southern hemisphere near the equator, subtropical waters. The distribution range is wide.

Scientific name:Thunnus Albacares(BONNATERRE)
English name:Yellowfin Tuna

Because the whole is yellowish, it is called Kihada(Japanese). The taste is fancy and there is no habit, her body is light pink.
Since it is difficult for the color to change and is suitable for sashimi, it is sold at mass retailers a lot.
Length is 2 m, body weight is over 100 kg. About 20 kg to 40 kg is called a Kokihada(Japanese), and 20 kg or less is called a Kimeji(Japanese).
Fishing grounds:It is close to Japan, subtropical waters, near the Southern Hemisphere Equator and the distribution range is wide

Scientific name:Makaira Mitsukurii(PHILIPPI)
English name:Spriped Marlin

Tuna is quite another kind. Tuna is a mackerel family, whereas fishes are Makajiki(Japanese) and swordfish family.
The color is thinner than tuna, it has a reddish orange color, and it has a fresh taste. Also, it is preferable in that it is hard to discolor.
Fishing grounds:In the vicinity of Japan, subtropical waters, near the southern hemisphere equator etc and the distribution range is wide