Our proud, our priority is freshness and quality!
Our store, Maguro-No-Entoki, as a wholesaler of Tuna (Maguro), having history of over 80 years located at the Kuromon Ichiba Market in Osaka.
The Freshness and Quality is our primary importance. Finding quality fresh fish and tuna from all over Japan as well as Kansai area.

To meet demands for the increased inbound tourists in recent years who visit The Kuromon Market to find the true genuine tastes of Japanese foods and Japanese culture, we are having eating area with us.

You can eat fresh seafood in raw as it is. Then, you may also ask to flame-grill it. How to eat is up to you. Enjoy the authentic tastes in typical Japanese ways 🙂

・Eating area is very popular with 30 seats in the shop!

・You can eat fresh sushi on the spot.

・Every morning, we prepare and serve the best freshness and quality Sushi and Sashimi, such as Bigeye Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna of various kinds and parts centering on Bluefin Tuna from Nagasaki.

・We have 30 seats in the shop, now it becomes so popular, it is crowded from the opening until closing time,Please drop in on us.

Since those may be sold out in the afternoon, it is recommended to visit us in the morning!

This is a heaping of various kinds of dishes of the sushi.Tuna,shrimp,scallop,salmon etc…